Overthrow : First look at rebuild in Unity

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

After a break over the new year, Overthrow is back with a complete recode in a 3D engine. Screens and a brief video now available.

Overthrow is an action-arcade game which I have been on and off developing for some time now.After taking the project so far in 2D, I decided that to achieve the visual style I wanted for the game, it was going to be necessary to move to a 3D engine for this project. So after 3 months on and off development, the first glimpses of the results are available in the images/video sections. Everything has been rewritten from scratch, so the AI is a bit rough around the edges, but it’s coming along nicely.

Lasers, explosions and other objects now all cast light on surrounding objects, which has helped tie together the color palette a lot. Aside from that, now that I am no longer reliant on 2d pre-rendering it is a lot more practical to add effects such as the drone ships performing barrel rolls etc. Finally, being in 3D, it is now resolution independent, meaning it will look great on really high resolution displays.

In the coming days, I will update the graphics and details about the rules of play, and release a captioned version of the video on display in order to explain a bit better what is going on.

You can find the screenshots under Below in the games section.

Below now also has a profile on Indie DB.

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