Glide Star 1.1 incoming

Monday, October 20th, 2014

Work on Glide Star hasn’t stopped since the soft launch, I have been busy adding some things that came from user feedback.

Among them are a couple of control tweaks: namely a sensitivity slider for the accelerometer and now if you choose to disable tilt control a touch to either the left or right side of the screen anywhere will result in a full tilt to the respective direction (in addition to the fine control rudder).

Other than that, there’s a number of new achievements, several graphics and UX tweaks, and a few audio changes and improvements.

Glide Star 1.1 will be submitted to the App Store soon, then it will be a sprint to get the Android version ready and online!

Finally, a couple of small bugs have been corrected:

  • Single point halos were giving 5 times as many points as they should.
  • Audio for the overheat in Kazan was not stopping at the correct time once the ship was stabilized.


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