Glide Star new release

RELEASE DATE 20141008 | iOS, Android

Experience extreme tilt racing with Glide Star, now available for iPhone and iPad!

With 5 different worlds, and procedural corridor generation, Glide Star has millions levels, each one different, each a new test of your skill!

Race through the unpredictable Turmoil, or take on the smooth tracks of Harmony. Experience the extreme speed of Velox, the ice cold challenges of Flux, or heat things up in the volcanic world of Kazan.

Pilot your glider with just your accelerometer. No fussy controls, just gliding zen!

Glide Star is not an endless runner! Challenge yourself to finish all the worlds!



  • Millions of randomly generated corridors, each one completable.
  • 5 different worlds (2 playable for free!), 5 different gliders.
  • Cinematic replays
  • Game Center integration – challenge your friends to beat your scores!
  • Universal app!
  • Original soundtrack
  • Infinite re-playability
  • Epic crashes, fiendishly difficult!


*Glide Star runs best on iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and above.


Get Glide Star now!

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